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About The Business

About the Business

Kwanii provides bespoke outsourcing solutions for small, medium, and large businesses.

We use customisable implementation processes to ensure our clients are fully, correctly, and successfully set up with a team which complements their business and fulfils their needs.

Kwanii integrates your new offshore team into your business, to ensure you maintain control and achieve the results you are looking for.

Capitalising on their backgrounds in software and technology, the executive team champions the use of different technologies to provide seamless outsourcing solutions.

Company Principles


Every member of the Kwanii team strives to be successful, both personally and professionally. We promote this by giving our team members the resources and support they need to be the best at what they do - all the time, every time.

Transparency & Honesty

Transparency and honesty are key to any successful business where cooperation is key. From our pricing policy to our daily interactions, we do not shy away from being honest with ourselves and others. Working across borders is complicated and stressful, so at Kwanii we believe that it can be made exponentially easier by being clear, concise, and realistic, with fellow team members and with our clients.

Be proactive & adaptable

At Kwanii, our team members are encouraged to proactively address issues, ensure everything is on track, and be open for client feedback. This proactive approach gives us the information and relationships a business needs to be flexible and address any problems quickly and confidently when they arise.

Champion innovation

As a company formed with the express purpose of doing things differently, and better, than the established industry, the Kwanii executive team champions exploring new concepts and ideas, no matter how different. Creative and open discussion is promoted within Kwanii as not only a way to problem solve, but also to get everyone’s brains working better and as a way to inspire quality.

Why the Philippines?​

With a population of over 100 million people and around 300,000 people graduating university or college every year, the Philippines has no shortage of talent. When you couple this with a booming economy and governments at local, state and federal levels being interested in attracting investment, the Philippines makes economic sense as an ideal place to set up an offshore team.

English is one of the Philippines’ official languages and all students are taught it at school. It is the official language of the government and legal systems, and most educational institutions operate in English.

Investment in infrastructure has been a priority for successive governments in the Philippines. This means the technological infrastructure, such as the internet, is comparable to any developed nation.

The positive attitude and formidable work ethic of many Filipinos makes them brilliant to work with, and they value loyalty very highly. This means that when you envelope these enthusiastic employees into your company and support them to success, you have a dedicated worker for life.

The Philippines has a long history of colonisation, which means they have adopted many western-style practices over the centuries. This gives Filipinos the ability to flow between different cultures with relative ease and comfort.

Ready to be revolutionised?

Kwanii offers comprehensive implementation and integration packages, taking the stress and uncertainty out of having a team offshore.


How we started

Each member of the Executive Team has their own frustrating story of outsourcing failure, but each thoroughly believed outsourcing was the right solution for their business needs.

Led by Rizza Lord, the Executive Team banded together and created the solution they were looking for but were unable to find.

Now, they work with clients to drive growth by delivering quality outsourcing solutions.

The business name comes from the word ‘kawani’, which means ‘worker’ or ‘employee’ in Filipino.

The Executive Team

Rizza Lord

Chief Executive Officer

Willard Silverio

Chief Finance Officer

Raycel Oviedo

Philippines Country Manager

Ralphy Borlongan

Network Security & Infrastructure Officer (Kwanii PH)

Mark Farrell

Chief Information Officer

Discover how we're revolutionizing outsourcing!​

It’s your team. With offshore staffing, you have full visibility and control, without having to worry about facilities, operations and regulations.

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